Okay, tip 1 is to stay at


Okay, tip 1 is to stay at as wide of an angle as you can. Depth of field is greater the wider the lens is zoomed out. So you will want to get as close to the field as possible, then you won’t need to zoom in as far. Also think about the direction of the action. In basketball, the action is a semicircle around the baskets. If you’re trying to cover offense & defense, putting yourself along the center line, up a bit and 7-10 yards away will put much of the court in the same focus range. But you’re right about moving the focus ring. I’ve always called it follow focus, and back when I started we ran cameras with on hand on the zoom control on the right side of the lens & our other hand on the left side focus ring. I can still do this with my SONY VX2100, so I don’t have to rely on auto-focus. But the camera I shoot the kids with isn’t really convenient to try follow focus.

Mostly it is a skill you acquire through practice, practice, practice. So good luck! And keep shooting.

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