Okay . . . . . . so let’s


Okay . . . . . . so let’s say you’re doing a remake of ” Gone With The Wind “, and a ” cinematic ” look is essential to your creative sensibilities . . . . . no, scratch that . . ..

The question of ” dpeth of field ” seems to be all the rage, so let’s examine. If one can afford a qualityDSLRand a bag full of prime lenses, cool. And let’s assume that depth of field is the only consideration ( tossing out shot time issues and audio hassles, and in some cases monitor viewing, etc ) A quality camcorder with a good zoomlenseCAN achieve a modest shallow depth offield effect by zooming in as far as you can, while still framing your subject,and by reducing the light level ( reducing the f-stop )as much as you can.

I’ll trade the convenience ofa quality camcorder for the expense and hassle of an unweildy DSLR any day. I don’t plan on becomming involved in a dramatic production which might dictate advanced cinematic effects; butif I did, I’m confident that my camcorder could capture images pleasing to all but the most severe film critic, viewing on the ” big screen “.

Rick Crampton

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