Okay so here’s the thing.


Okay so here’s the thing. I’m assuming you need to use them as an alternative to a wireless mic system.

Because of all the restrictions in the churches where I live, I use Digital voice recorders instead of a wireless system. I use an Olympus WS-100. It records up to 40 hours to WMA format. There are some that record to MP3 or WAV but they are really really pricey.

The sound is good quality. I have always been pleased with it. I attach one to the Groom, Preacher (if he allows) and a few others. Then when I am ready to edit, I just download the audio and add it to the timeline. The only quark I’ve experienced with these is a slight audio timing problem.

Basically, in the timeline I have to set the speed to 101% of normal, otherwise over a period of time, the audio sync gets off slightly. But as long as I set the speed to 101% it is fine.

Anyway, using these digital recorders, as opposed to recording from a wireless directly to the video tape, allows you to have uncorrupted ambient audio just in case you need to use it. Which I have used often. If I had recorded directly to the tape from the wireless, that audio would have been unusable.

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