Okay, probably not, but at


Okay, probably not, but at the very least I found a piece of history.

I was at a garage sale this weekend and I came across a Kodak Instamatic M4 "Movie Camera". Now, if you want to talk about Waaaaaay before my time, when I was a little kid, my Grandma owned a dated M26 that we used on some of my earliest vacations!

Anyway, I paid all of $1 for the thing, and considering I can still find super 8 film online for under 10 bucks a cartridge, I’m very tempted to give this monster of 18fps with a fixed f-stop of 1.8 a try. I even have a friend with a projector so I can watch what I shoot.

However, the problem is where the HECK does one get Super 8 developed, and how much will it cost me? I’m guessing my local Walgreen’s doesn’t handle this sort of thing, and probably hasn’t for 15 years. Does Kodak provide a mail-in service? Do I need to build myself a darkroom?

Obviously, I don’t want to spend more than, say 50 bucks, on this, total since I’m obviously not going to use this for anything but a litte hobbyist fun (though I did think about bringing it along with me to weddings with troublesome "bridezillas" to provide a little shock factor… X-D )

Suggestions? Comments? Advice? I’m all ears.

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