Okay, perhaps I should hav


Okay, perhaps I should have said, “Failed to understand your actual question.”

“Does anyone know how i can get a mic with either a mic in or XLR to a Sony hotshoe?” to quote atomic9studios.

Telling him the very accurate info about using a shock mount did nothing to address his actual problem. He has to input an external mic through the “Active Interface Shoe” on his camcorder. His current shotgun does just that, so long as it is directly attached to the “Active Interface Shoe” on the top of the camcorder. By definition, a shock mount means the mic is not directly attached to the camcorder (it’s attached to the shock mount which is attached to the camcorder.) atomic9studios apparently knew he needed to get the mic off a hard mount to the camcorder, or he wouldn’t have asked about a way to use the audio input on the camcorder with “real world” microphones. At least that was the way I read the query.

I’m sorry about implying you hadn’t done any research. I thought is sounded better than saying you didn’t read the actual question. It appeared you read about half of it and jumped to solve a problem irrelevant to his actual question. And I know from reading your other entries that you very likely would have good advice, you know, tripods & remote controls. While your answer to his question about shock mounts answered a question the previous poster raised by apparently not reading atomic9studios query. And since no one was trying to say a “shock mount” for the camera or some alternative to holding the camcorder would eliminate handling noise, I felt I needed to start off on a fresh path and directly addressed the question asked by a curious member.

Once again I apologize for whatever implications my remarks have or may have in the future. I just think our fellow members deserve responses that are accurate & as complete as possible. I do get annoyed at how often real requests for help in understanding video production go unanswered, even though it has numerous postings. A lot of posters want to jump in and advise using their favorite software whether it addresses the issue or not. And perhaps I’m crazy, but I think a lot of these folks do have useful information. We just need a way to encourage that. You seem to have not only a wealth of information, but the ability to communicate it quickly, which I so obviously lack. But come on everyone, let’s read the whole question for ourselves. And think about what our fellow member is going through.

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