Okay, now I feel guilty th


Okay, now I feel guilty that you’ve spent more time and energy being more specific than I even spent, and I’m the beggar here.

And all this while you were busy on a project.

Thank you for your help. I should have been straight from the beginning. I’ve been trying to figure out how to capture a clip for my actor reel (which is like a resume for actors) from a commercial (or copyrighted) video. I know from searching on other forums that people tend to hesitate in approaching this topic.

My goal is obviously not to use this for redistribution, or to make money, but I definitely need the quality to be fairly high if it is going to impress anyone I show it to.

So maybe the distortion I was seeing via the DSR was due to this factor. Is there some piece of equipment or software that will allow me to accommodate this need more effectively?

I feel like the information you have clarified dispels some of my cloud of confusion, but I’m still wandering around trying to find an adequate vehicle for converting this commercial product to a usable format. It’s only one small clip. But it has been a huge headache.

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