Okay, I need to double che


Okay, I need to double check something. The video file that is captured to the hard drive is in perfect lip synch, right? Next, the video you see while editing is also in perfect lip synch, correct? You mentioned noticing a problem after you do your chromakey, but if you skip the chromakey step and render from your editor, how’s the lip synch then?

And one final question I should have asked earlier. Is the lip synch error consistent? If you’re not sure, try this. Take your rendered file with lip synch error and load it into your NLE. Now move just the audio portion a few frames one way or the other. If the synch error is consistent you will be able to bring the audio & video back into perfect synch. Once you’ve corrected the error in the NLE, render that file & check out the lip synch of the rendered file. If the rendered file is in synch, we can rule out the NLE as a source for the problem.

Right now we need to test each of the elements of your production process individually to locate where the synch problem originates. Or if it is something that just gets more pronounced at each step of the production chain. Once we locate the step causing the problem, it will be easy to fix it. Trouble shooting is always the hardest part for most folks. Once you can answer each of the questions, we can take that simple step to fix the problem. Or in the worst case, I can teach you a “work around” that doesn’t fix the problem but will still create a video in perfect lip synch.

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