Okay and thanks for the ad


Okay and thanks for the advice to now. I do need help.

We are presently using a Sony DCR-TRV22 which is a 10X zoom. Sitting mid field at football games this zoom was adequate. So the 12X of the 2100 should be okay. I do want the low light ability of the 2100. I will purchase this camera. I need help now selecting the accessories such as tripod and monopod and hardcase. This is all for personal use.

What I need is help creating my order for B&H. I know nothing about tripods or any other accessorie. I would like the most inexpensive that will do the task at hand. I am trying to eliminate the possibility of having to "moveup" to a better product because I scrimped.

To RB: Very good response. I am close to 70 and not athletic so I will need to stay in the bleachers. I do know what you are saying about capturing the action but at the 50 yard line, I will be able to capture what I need. I will be filming and place my attention mostly on one player during the action. Home games, I should be able to get in or on top of the announcers box. I will have a couple of years to ingratiate and familiarize myself to opposing teams support personel but he will get playing time as a Freshman in 2007. Generally opposing teams only have a bench and use a bleacher section behind the goalposts for halftime activity..

I will purchase a hardcase, thanks for excellant advice. I searched on "glide cam" and I don’t think I will be needing one of those. I will be using either a tripod (football) or monopod (basketbll.).

I want the complete game and will edit deadtime later. Even with the JrHi games, some of the most interesting action is after the play is completed and the coaches argue with the officials. I plan to reduce each game to 1 hr or less after editing.

I hope to do the complete process under 5 K. This is with editing software and maybe a new computer. (I will research this after tax season. I do presently have a newer computer with 1.5 gb of memory and a external 250 gb hd. I am a novice with NoVice. I no longer smoke, drink, play poker or have a motor cycle. This will be my hobby and main interest for the next five years.

To compusolver: I have read most of your posts for the past six months. It was with your info that I arrived at the decision to get the 2100. The url with the difference in low light you posted was dramatic. As a owner of two 2100 cameras, your guidance is beyond value.

What hardcase do you use? What exact lens (I would only require one change for basketball possibly?), tripod and monopod would you recommend. (This is your opportunity to spend money without digging into your own pocket. Please help me build my initial order.) I won’t be requiring any mikes or lighting at this time. Do you use a cleaning tape and when? What brand and quality of tapes do you use. I will select a tape and stick with it. I won’t purchase my tapes at Wally World but will order in larger quantities where I can get a better price.

My goal is < 3500.00 for basic video equipment.

B&H = Camera – 2200, 4 yr warranty 150, 970 battery 105, hardcase 259.

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