ok took a hard look at the


ok took a hard look at these two on this B&H photo site everyone talks about so much. Looked at the ag-dvc30 on the panasonic site and it gives a much lower price. Am I looking at the same thing? What is the difference between these two camera’s. Will the cheaper AG_DVC30 get me started or is the another 1500 well beyond worth it for the dvx100b? They both get great reviews but not much is said for purpose of the owner having the cameras.

Panasonic AG-DVC30 1/4-Inch 3-CCD or

AG-DVX100B 3-CCD 24p/30p/60i Mini-DV Cinema ?

The HD cameras panasonic is offering are crazy expensive compared to the FX-1. I am tottally lost on the difference between the two HD Models.

If someone can address this all I will forever greatfull. Thank you compusolver that was an incredible response!!

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