ok this thread is dead a w


ok this thread is dead a while but i was hoping you might be able to send a little advice my way….

I’m having the same dilemma….Xl2 or A1

I’ve recently gotten some redundancy money and i want to invest…I’m setting up a wedding video business and have bookings (one coming up very soon)…later on I hope to work on commercial projects company promo’s and possible small time adverts

I need to bite the bullet and i’m swaying towards the XL2 simply because I think it may be more manageable for someone with little experience. But then i’m confused about HD it seems like a bad decision to purchase a camera that is …..well ….not the the most up to date technology wise. But on the other hand what’s the point of having a HD if i cant manage it and if its to difficult to edit eating up my memory. If i purchased the A1 i would probably on only shoot in SD. But if i wanted to upgrade in a couple of years would my SD XL2 have completely diminished in value because its not HD?

My head is completely melted the more i read on this subject the more confused i get………Please HELP i need to make a decision soon

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