OK, these are very crude d


OK, these are very crude drawings but they get the idea across. The track is made of PVC for its lightweightedness. First I built the wheel assemblies and dolly itself. The wheel assemblies were actually very easy to make. I used a block of wood for each, cut a corner to have room for the hardware (bolts) and cut the opposite corner at a flat angle to be on the top.

Side view:

The dolly is basically three boards with holes drilled for a tripod to fit right in.

Top view:

I attached the wheel assemblies to the corners making sure the wheels are all facing the same direction with 2 wheel assemblies for one rail of the track and 1 for the other. Once the dolly was done, I simply used PVC in 5′ sections (so I could just cut a 10′ section fr each finished section I wanted) and added ties to them. I made 5′ sections for portability and so I can add more as I want. Make sure your measurements are accurate so the track rails align with the wheel assemblies to avoid drag.

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