ok thats a kewl lookin jib


ok thats a kewl lookin jib!

when I was drawing mine, I came up with a thought.. I said to myself, “self, the connectors between the main boom and the control arm have to be long(er) than you see in his pic. here is illustration… In this case, when its on a steep angle like in the picture, he cannot point the camera down anymore due to the lenght of the connectors.

(arrows pointing to connectors)

yes, I think 12 feet is minimum. two, six foot sections could be sleeved together. two eight foot sections is better still but at 16ft, there might be some problem with camera bounce, due to flex of the boom — then we’re talking about adding shrouds and a spreader. thats getting too copmlicated I think — espacially for the ONE shot it might get used for occassionally.

the only way I can see making it pan at the head, is by a pully horizontally, under the support, with a line wrapping around the pully (maybe 2x for added friction) then coming together at the point of pivot for the head – at the neck of hte head.

then I was thinking that the line, could be fed internally, down the boom, exiting before the end, where it wraps around anothter pully that you can use to pan the camera.

does that make sense?

ok… heres a pic….

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