Ok, that aside there are some


Ok, that aside there are some more questions I would like to probe you guys of, I only went to a two year college for tv/video production.


so I didn't learn anything about freelance business or commercial production business from them.

Everything I have learned about it i Learned from the internet. I didn't Learn any motion graphics or good camera techincal specs at this college either. I researched for probably a good 30+ hours camera specs, full frame vs aps-c, lenses, rigs, stablization systems, lighting systems. Also I have watched alot of tutorials on after effects and teaching myself alot about it. Also photoshop and illustrator I am very good with both.


A few questions


are there any things in the business that I would not know about, that would be very help that if I knew about now that you guys can tell me. From your expirence can you give me a heads up to anything you think I might not have encoutered yet, procedures or clients expectations, things they will want. Please share your expirence with me.

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