OK-thanks Composite 1. I t


OK-thanks Composite 1.

I think I’m generally aware of the basic concepts you’re speaking of, though. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t importing my raw AVCHD footage from my camcorder (shot at 24 fps, with a Film Look setting used) basically the same, if not better, than as you suggested saving raw footage to an uncompressed Quicktime or AVI file?

And if this is so, then there’s small wonder why my previews of the rendered footage in Elements looks so good. I just want to know why there’s such a disconnect from the previews I see in Elements and the final look I get from the DVD setting. And furthermore, I know that Elements 8 is capable of outputing files that, in terms of look quality, rival what one is seeing in the preview window-I’ve witnessed what it can do with MPEG2 and H.264 settings at 1440×1080 and at 1980×1080. The only problem here, as I stated before, is that I can’t figure out how to then get these files compiled as a final DVD Video.

I am not trying to suggest that if I just light a scene with my reading lamp then I actually expect it to come out looking like The Godfather. But there are definitely things that you can do on the production level, and on the post-production level, all of which contribute to the final product. I have professional-grade lights that I could use to light up any scene very well, but based on the Burn to DVD settings that I can see are available in Elements 8, it still wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans because it’d still end up at a crappy 720×480, with jaggies and artifacts all around. My question is: is there a way to do a decent DVD from Elements without all these issues? Is there a way to use the MPEG2 outputing functions with the higher resolutions in order to make a DVD Video? If so, can it be done inside Elements, or do I have to basically organize all the clips, output a higher definition movie of the whole thing in Elements, and then seek out another program to author the DVD?

Or am I just fundamentally misunderstanding something about how DVDs are created?

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