OK, sounds crazy, but here


OK, sounds crazy, but here’s the idea for industry to incorporate into pro & semi-pro cameras.
If you have an auto-focus system that uses contrast as the optimum focus, why not use that same circuit, while in manual focus, to display when the selected subject area is in the optimum focus?
I have several cameras for production- the main two are a Canon GL-1 and a JVC DV5000U. The Canon is a royal pain to manual focus under some conditions. The JVC has no auto-focus. When shooting sports, you are usually outdoors in bright lighting conditions that make critical focus even more difficult. It would be nice if we had a manual focus assist for some of these conditions.
Industry is always looking for "bells and whistles" that make their product stand out from others. This could be one.

Keith Breazeal
Flight Video Magazine

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