Ok, so you are looking at


Ok, so you are looking at getting a single chip minidv standard definition camera. You should go to http://www.bhphotovideo.com and do a consumer camcorder search and sort by price. I personally recommend going with sony or canon in that price range a panasonic might be good to give you some of the good features. Typically the more money you can spend the more features are offered. Do not get a mini DVD camcorder, not good for editing! Here are some great features if you can afford to get them: A larger ccd (chip) gets better image quality. so a 1/3inch chip is better than a 1/4inch chip, which is better than a 1/5inch chip. Audio inputs are great, that way you can use any mic that you choose. Zoom mic is not that cool of a thing. Last thing to keep in mind, digital zoom is stupid… digital zoom degrades picture quality, the only zoom that matters is optical zoom. Hope that helps..

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