Ok, So I figured out that


Ok, So I figured out that when I rendered my video as Mpeg-2 I need to compress my Audio as AC-3 instead of PCM. It must be that PCM doesn’t compress the studio and that was causing my file sizes to jump in size and Architect would automatically Compress my video to fit both files during the burn process resulting in lower quality video yet higher quality sound.

So now I have a new question. I am shooting using a Canon HF 200 on FXP setting at 1080 (1920×1080) at 24fps. I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 to edit and render. When I render to Mpeg-2 and burn my DVD with Architect, the high picture quality is lost!? What can I do? On what settings should I render my project to achieve a desirable quality DVD. I’ve seen that Birdcat suggests NewBlue upshift, but for right now is there another way? Also, all my files are in mts format while editing. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.

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