OK other than I have it wo


OK other than I have it working now the last test I did makes no sense and proves nothing.

I still had an original copy of the VEG file that I could not get the audio to work when I placed it in another blank project. Based on what I talked about above I went back opened the original file and un-muted the top video track that was empty. I then saved the project.

Next I opened up a blank project and drug in the project VEG file onto the time line and the audio worked fine. OK so I think I’ve discovered the problem. So I then go back to the original project it and again I mute the top video track and save the project.

I again open up a new blank project and drag the original project back in with the muted top video track. This time the audio works fine.

I have no clue why it works now and it did not before.

Gremlins πŸ™‚

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