OK – Opening myself up to


OK – Opening myself up to ridicule here but what the hell…

I use Night Shot during the day for two things.

1) Artistic look – You can get some interesting looks pre-post with it. I used to do that with color and B&W infrared back in my pro photog days.

2) (and here is where it gets weird) I am the resident skeptic and official videographer of a paranormal research group – Some folks (not me) purport that paranormal activity transcends the visible spectrum and by employing the night shot aspects of my camcorder during daylight hours (yes I do know how to do this) I might record something out of the ordinary (haven’t so far – even at Gettysburg – Some stills can be viewed here: http://travel.webshots.com/album/357348578nuxrBR). And if anyone is interested, my views on the paranormal are – Many things are possible and I cannot (nor can any other living person) claim any empirical knowledge of what happens post death (exception MIGHT be for those who have had near death experiences – the type where they did die and were brought back) – My job is to document and present any “evidence” gathered, nothing more, nothing less.

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