Ok, ok,… let’s not get h


Ok, ok,… let’s not get hostile… I WANT to make money… but the reason I’ve always done it for free is because it’s always been my son’s teams and I want him to have a memory of the teams he’s played on. I did suggest that his team from 3 years ago pay, and they balked. Hockey is already pretty expensive. So, my son doesn’t have a video from that year. My other concern about charging is that although I think I make a nice production, I have very little to compare myself to. You guys know as well as I do that people are easily impressed. So, when they tell me "wow, great job" – is that because they’ve just never seen anything like it before? – or is it because I’ve really done nice work?

You’ll be relieved to know that I just started my first pay job yesterday. $900 for another hockey team’s video. Their coach has seen my work.

I love that "Cribs" idea! That would work well for the Seniors. I’ll give that some thought. ….not sure about "super fan" though, maybe another time.

I’ll check into the Digital Juice stuff, I guess. Because I do need something more than what I’ve always done.

About your length – 2 1/2 hours??? Who wants to watch that over and over? I keep mine to 20 min max. That way, they can pop it in when they have friends over or relatives or at a party – whatever. I don’t think anyone would want to sit for a couple hours to watch something like that just on a whim. Nobody has 2 hours to spare – but 20 min, sure, no problem. I fill the rest of the dvd with raw footage of semi-highlights that didn’t make the "production version". That way, they get a full hours worth of memories.

Thanks for the feedback, guys…. I feel like I’m on an island over here.

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