OK – I’m not a full time p


OK – I’m not a full time professional editor/producer but I am a full time programmer (for lack of a better term) and have created several video productions for use at work (a $700 million corporation) – I have been paid to use/program computers for almost 30 years and have used mainframe, mini and micro (pc) computers. I have helped write operating systems and database management systems and have been a PC user/programmer since 1981. I have never been able to use a Mac successfully – It goes against everything I know about compters. That said, it seems that the less you actually know about computers the more you’ll like a Mac, as many of my friends who are not technical get some great results out of their Apples.

I use Sony Vegas on my PC and have had some great times with it and the learning curve was easy to get by. I’m still learning lots but have done some amazing things with the package.

For the kind of money you are looking to spend, you could build a killer PC video editing station – I will be doing this for just about that budget next year.

Just MHO.


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