Ok, I tried some of these


Ok, I tried some of these recommendations. But so far no great results.. so a few more Q’s:

Charles I can shoot in 1080 60p, but I’m afraid that the files will be so damn huge I won’t be able to edit them… or that it’ll take even longer to render than it already does. Am I wrong about this? Also, in vegas how can I render in h.264. I don’t see that anywhere??

Doublehamm, do you change the field order to progressive? Youtube says it prefers progressive? I just did one as interlaced and it came out crummy: http://youtu.be/A_HcExiiaM0

Then I tried progressive and it came out bad too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dI_9-3P66H4&feature=youtu.be

What am I doing wrong? Am I missing some setting. I’m importing the files direct from my camera, as 1080 60i, matching the project properties, and then rendering using mxf. They look like crap tho???

Larry, what do I render my file as initilaly before putting into Cocoon’s quick media converter?

Thanks all, I have to get this up soon and really don’t like how crappy it’s looking.

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