Ok I read the new post in


Ok I read the new post in this forum to help us looking for cameras but I was really basing this post on personal exerience and testimony from each of these cameras or what issues i should consider when choosing one camera over the other. I have narrowed it down and these are what Im looking at.

All of these cameras are in the same price range, and like i said in my original post, I am going to be shooting some documentary style entertainment videos. Probably to be produced on DVD and downloadable on the internet. It is also iportant that the camera I choose performs well in low light conditions.

Like i also asked, I was wondering if anyoen had used the HD camera I had on this list, and lastly, if anyu of these cameras dont have interchangable lenses, please let me know.

Sorry if these questions get asked a lot, but this IS a video forum, and you guys ARE the ones i turn to to ask these types of questions, so I would appreciate your genuine help as a teacher to a student of video.


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