OK I have to chime in on t


OK I have to chime in on this because this is a scam of Intel’s that to this day ticks me off. When I trained at Dell and learned that Intel had “created” out of thin air a concept and then fooled the world with it it made me really mad. The Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo is NOT I repeat NOT a processor. Centrino is Latin for 3, and Intel marketed this wording to create a concept that was touted as a better product. Here is the deal

Intel Centrino means (Three Intel parts)

1) Processor
2) Chipset/Video
3) Wirelss Adapter

The word Centrino in the processor name does not make it a better processor. In fact if I see that name on any laptop I do not buy it because I know I am getting crap graphics/chipset.


I know the scam has worked because so many of these sold and way way above the real cost they should have. And I read the above post so some were happy. But as a multicertified tech when I learned what was under the hood I got sick, think of the Centrino family like this. Take the motor out of a Ford Focus (I own one) Put it into the body of a Jag, then add the trans from the Focus and say the shaft. Now add noss and a few other items to make it run really fast. That is Centrino. A crappy motor in a nice body with noss. It will run great for a while and every once in a while some last a long time, but in the end you have a rebranded and renamed Intel video/chipset.

Any I apologize for being so forward, but It gets me when a company pulls something like this and fools so many people, they fooled me for years and I still know techs who do not know any better. ARG!

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