Ok. I got it figured out i


Ok. I got it figured out i think. I just didnt have the A/C power plugged to the camera. So i hooked all that up, and put the cam in vcr mode. Win Movie Maker started up on its own now. I then clicked the file tab, and clicked record. Then i clicked the play icon, then clicked the button that says “Record”. It then played the footage on the camera, and on the computer screen, and recorded it to my hard drive.

Worked great. But the capture was slow (real time), and the vid quality was kinda crappy. The sound was excellent though.

Im goin after vegas now. I hope the capture is faster, and better quality.

Thanks for all your help so far. :))

One last note, it should be obvious by now how ignorant i am to this whole genre. That being said, what would be a good Vid Editing prog for me.

Ive seen a Vegas demo, and liked it.

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