OK, I don’t want to hijack


OK, I don’t want to hijack this thread, so let me make one more post on the cables, and then leave it.

Apparently there is some signal degradation below 1080p at HDMI v1.3after about a 30′ run, even with a top quality ‘normal’ cable. However, Gefen is a top reputable dealer sells a special ‘HDMI Super Booster Cable’ up to 150′.


These ‘Super Booster Cables’ are a wee bit expensive ($280.00 for a 50′, and $420 for a 100′); and it seemsthat even with these ‘Super Booster Cables’ about the maximum run for 1080p at HDMI 1.3 is stillabout 100′.

Quote “Only cables up to 100′ will support HDMI 1.3 at 1080p.”

Quote “The 125 and 150 foot cables will support HDMI 1.2 at 1080p.”

It looks like I could get a100′ run without appreciable loss. The cable is $420.00, and I would still need a $200.00 Intensity Pro card, plus I would have to lug my workstation around (and be tied to power). This is fairly limiting as compared to ananoFlash (or even one of Henry Olonga’s laptop capture rigs); but it is definitely a whole lot cheaper than a Nanoflash (or one of Henry’s laptop capture rigs), plus there is no backorder on them.

Again I am left with the desire to forestall the purchase, and see what new breaks loose in the field. If Canon were to come out with an EOS 6D or even an EOS 5D Mk III that no longer has the 12 minute limitthat would ‘change the picture’ for me again (no pun intended). I am still in the ‘training DVD and learning’ mode for the next few weeks, so I think I am going to try to forestall this purchase as long as I can, and see what breaks loose.

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