OK, here is a topic that m


OK, here is a topic that may help all of us.
I am not going to try to explain the law. I will not be saying that it is OK to use music without permission. I will not be trying to justify using music or anything else illegally. I will not be saying that anyone is right or that anyone is wrong. Let’s JUST CHAT about real evidence to prove these points. With that being said…

Some of you say: “it’s OK to use music in your videos as long as you don’t get caught. And that the chances of getting caught are very slim.

Some of you say: “Don’t do it” I know the law, and it’s not OK to do this. If you get caught, you will be in big trouble”

Now let’s do something different. Let’s just talk about the “FACTS”.

Will anyone here please post any “articles”, “web links”, “reference materials”, “court public records”, etc. that demonstrate that wedding videographers got sued or in trouble because of the use of regular music on their video presentations?

If this is true, let’s DEMONSTRATE that this is really true, by posting facts of real life situations in the business. Things that “really” happened to a videographer and lets prove this point.

Again, let’s not talk about the law anymore. That has been covered here many many times, and we will all be repeating ourselves over and over again. Let’s more on to FACTS and EVIDENCE.

Who has any evidence, articles, web links, etc that demonstrate this fact?
PLEASE share these with us.

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