OK Guys, I think we answe


OK Guys,

I think we answered this one in August 2005, so we have revived it for 2006. Our advice must have been OK or at least did no harm as this group seems to be tearing up all over Norway. Way to go Fumar mata (name of group)!

Meanwhile, for those who like to shoot video of bands playing and at play, take a look at the doc DIG. This follows a rivalry between 2 bands and analyzes why one succeeded and one self-destructed. Watched carefully, this film is hugely instructive re camera angles and hand held camera movement (the word choreography also fits), catching peak moments on video, editing in a hip style, and mixing a compelling complex multi layered soundtrack, even if you dont care for the music style, as influenced by the Stones/Velvet Underground/Folk Rock.

2000 hours of footage (!!!!!!) shot over a 7 year period was boiled down to a 90 minute doc plus many extras (2 discs). A woman who must have had nerves and stamina of steel shot, directed, edited, produced, and put it all together, finishing the project hours before giving birth. (Now thats a deadline!) The interview with her on disc 2 is like attending a graduate class lecture in independent/guerilla filmmaking at USC. If you werent from the Pacific Northwest, listening to college radio in the late 90s, or living in Europe or Japan at the time, you may never have heard of the bands, the Dandy Warhols, and Brian Jonestown Massacre.

DIG won Best Doc award at Sundance for 2004.

It you decide to study this film, be aware the language is R rated for sure. Your momma won’t like it. DIG is commercially available.


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