Ok – Gave a listen. Seems


Ok – Gave a listen. Seems these are loop based pieces which brings up two things.

1) Did you use royalty free or licensed loops in creating these pieces – This is important since if you don’t have the rights to legally use the loop (there are lots of copyrighted music loops out there) then any derivative work would be in violation of copyright.

2) I also have done some Acid scoring (http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=285927&T=4658) and feel that it’s really not the same as original music writing – Kinda figure if I can do it then how hard could it be?

While your music may be useful for some in some very specific instances, I have seen many video producers/editors given the rights to use a loop based piece (specifically from Acid Planet) for nothing more than a credit in the closing titles. I still don’t see what makes it worthy of being paid for in light of the professionaly produced music out there available for less than you ask for. This is only my opinion and there very well may be others who are gaga over it.

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