Ok, for the best possiable


Ok, for the best possiable audio capture I would go with muti track recording hence you will be doing post production in FCP. I’m still unclear how many camera’s you are going to use, looks like 1 or 2. Anyway, I would use a mixer as they said above the Mackie Pro FX12 http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ProFX12/will be perfect for what you are doing, a great board at a cheap price. it is also USB and it comes with trackion 3 software. this means you connect the usb to a Computer. now the FX12 has a monitor out you can send this to the cameras and they will pick up the overall mix. but the audio you will be using is in trackion it is muti track, that will allow you to turn off the channels that are not in use in post production that will give you the best possibale audio.

now all you have to do is sync it all. to do this have somebody stand up front just before you start, have all cameras zoom in, start recording all cameras and start recording in trackion, have this person count down from 3 and when they get to 0 clap thier hands. now in FCP you will be able to sync both cameras and the audio. Now it is very important that after you start that you do not stop till you are done. I strongly recermend battery back ups for all equipment. if somebody pauses or stops recording you have lost your sync and then you are screwed.

Now you said you will not need a mic for the questions i dis aggree, while this may be fine for the venue this is not ok for the recordings, put a single mic on a stand that people can approch and speak, you may not need this in the mains but you do need it in the recording.

hope this helps

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