OK – First two things that


OK – First two things that are very different.

1. Working with actors is not nearly the same as working with clients. On the one hand, they are professionals and do things (as a rule) like voice inflections and other things soooo much better than Joe Blow the Chiropractor. On the other hand, they are (as a rule) not nearly as interested in your final product as are clients – I had four rounds of auditions and you’d be shocked at the number of no-shows I dealt with.

2. Plan Plan Plan – You cannot do enough advance planning – I was used to a by-the-seat-of-your-pants mentality but there is soooo much to do, you cannot possibly do it all without a good written (and adhered to) plan. Thankfully there is a wealth of resources online like contracts and forms to speed this process along.

I have the director making offers today but we’re still a couple of folks short – I will need to schedule MORE auditions for a few small, unpaid roles (did I neglect to say that I am bankrolling this).

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