OK, first off, these are a


OK, first off, these are all great ideas. I’m going to suggest two things I do. They ALWAYS work, because they just avoid your problem. seriously, this is foolproof. I had your problem many times. Before movies i started twelve different fantasy series that were going to be bigger than Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings. Keyword: were. One series I started was going to have 12 books! That’s a ton of novels. But enough about me…

1. Sit down at the computer, open up Microsoft Word or what have you, and just start typing. Sometimes, it’s two sentences. Sometimes, it’s five pages, or 20 pages, or whatever. Just get it out.I know how it is. It comes to you at work, or in the shower or just as you close your eyes in bed, or open your eyes…yeah. GET IT OUT, dude. Then, save it. I have three files on my computer, ideas for movies, novels and short stories. They all came when I was 15-17 years old and they came about twice a month. It was great. I don’t get ideas like that anymore. Kinda wish I did. You’ll come backnext yearand say, “Hey, this one could combine with this story and the script will write itself!” Then you go to the next stage, where you write 50 pages, then save again and come back another time. This is CREATIVITY, it’s great, but it doesn’t come on demand. SAVE your work!!

2. If the idea is drop dead simple, easy and amazing and you know how you’ll make it, and your friend is over with his car you could use, then forget the script, grab your camera(you should always have your camera battery charged and everything ready to go) and go shoot the whole movie. Then edit. I’ve done this twice. My latest film was done this way. Forget the script. The movie is only ____ minutes long anyway. You can figure it out in the editing. Your friends will love it and you’ll be charged to go make another one.

Hopefully these work for you as well asthey work for me.And sorry I rambled on. Tried to bold the important parts. Good luck!

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