OK EVERYONE: I just got t


OK EVERYONE: I just got the camcorder in today. For the uses I have of this camcorder it will work GREAT! I am very pleased with the camcorder so far. I have not had a chance to try to download the video i shot, however, I did plug it straight into the TV (57" rear projection) and it looked great. I had heard about the low light video being terrible but I could not notice a terrible difference. One thing is right, the still picture capability is sub-par. I was supprised to see that it was a JVC 3hr battery (129.00) and a SanDisk Ultra 1GB SD card that were the two extras. I was expecting to see a cheap SD card and Generic brand extra battery. I feel much better about spending 399.00 for this camcorder given the results I have gotten so far. This is all without making any of the recommended adjustments to the camcorder (white balance, etc.). It is extremely light and somewhat hard to hold steady, but I can live with that since I won’t be using it for anything other than home video. I will try a lower setting later this evening to see how video quality degrades if any. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!
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