ok, dont worry about focus


ok, dont worry about focus, and when you take a reading off the card, make sure the zoom setting on the camera is where you’ll have it set when shooting (ie wide zoom) if you zoom in using the zoom (tele) button, your exposure will be off.

when doing a color balance, try the white or grey area of the card, it’s easier.

do go through your manual , and set everything to manual.


set the focus to the silver control knob on the front of the camera, on manual.

set the exposure to spot, and use the touchscreen to set it off the card…make sure the card is in the same light as your subjeect.

then set the color balance off the card…

just look up each step in your manual as you go.

it’s all in there.

I got some time tommorow. if you aren’t getting anywhere, I’ll make a short video clip and post it for you.

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