OK, curious, not “question


OK, curious, not “questionable” as this is your ONLY post/response in more than a year. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. A LOT of members simply read here and get the GREAT information that Videomaker participants try to provide … and sometimes there’s a bit of stuff to laugh with, or at, critique and simply just enjoy and appreciate even if it isn’t exactly on topic. That’s all good as well.

Sorry for the poorly aimed jab. It is a bit off-putting when a NEW member (like this post originator) comes on and her/his first post is a blatant commercial. The Videomaker forums guidelines state that this is not a desired approach to use of the forum, and some moderators go even further in believing that new members coming on and immediately advertising are taking advantage of the community, exploiting rather than contributing as a real community member. Videomaker offers advertising for those wanting to ONLY advertise.

I CAN see why they do it, because it works if they can get away with it … even for a day or three. You posted that you purchased their product AND gave them a glowing endorsement. Not bad for a commercial company exploiting a wonderfully busy and open forum of people who use the products they hawk. And why hasn’t the original poster come back on with a reply to any of the responses here? Just saying …

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