Ok cool. I appreciate the


Ok cool. I appreciate the clarification and response. And honestly I may have been a little too jumpy there. I’m pretty stressed out about this project.

I’m a babe in the woods on this one and it sucks. I have aquired an apprentice but he’s 15. LOL Yet he seems to be very focused and eager to work hard so I hope that he will be the filliment to the missing link I have at the moment. The best part is, he clear that this is all spec work and that he’s in it to learn, not earn.

One other positive thing about this project is that my sister is the operations manager for this horse ranch. She is working on the project with me as the AD and has been invaluable thus far by putting together the shot sheets and even scripting. So at least my first venture into the unknown is not with strangers looking to me for EVERY answer.

Her boss (the person the video is mostly about) is easy going and patient so that will also help. He’s also written a book that almost all of the shoots will be based on so, that has been a tremendous help as well for the scripting aspect.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m more comfortable just knowning that others have been in this situation before and that it CAN be done. I guess the rest is up to me. πŸ™‚


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