Ok, Blake, great effort. C


Ok, Blake, great effort. Can I be Simon Cowell for a moment – you want the truth? Here it is. The sound was powerful – where did you get that sound track? it had the suspense and the sit on the edge of your seat feel. But in a matter of 30 seconds, I am saying – what is the story? I am begging for a story here – action, thriller, motion, events – something, anything to match the music. It wasn’t there. No action. No people, no movement that corresponds to the music. if you used a gentle piece, such as a Violin (Meditation from Thais) with this, it would be better.

Like the way you did your Blake Larson sequence. But only once, not twice. Where is the title?

Go shoot it again and toss in a lot of action to match the music. Shoot it 10 times until you get it right. Keep this up and you will do OK, my friend

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