Ok, Back To The Drawing Board


The XA10 sounds like it might work. I have no idea what pro XLR audio is so maybe you could fill me in on what that is so I know if I really need it right now.


Funny you say that about the Canon Vixia. That was the first camera I looked at. It got great reviews and everyone raved about the high quality video it puts out. I just thought it might be too consumerish.


I have a consumer hd camcorder now and it actually takes really good video but the main issue is no external mic input. I want to make sure the new one has that and maybe a few more pro features because I don't want to have to match up the sound recorded from a separate device if possible.


I will check these two out and see if they have the option to connect an external mic and maybe someone could fill me in if they already know and if they have any limitations vs the XA10.


That would be great if I could get started on the lower end and be able to pick up some decent quality accessories.


I'll check out the Sony NX 30 as well.

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