OK all you audio wizards,


OK all you audio wizards, A lot of sound effects and music come on either a CD or a an MP3 256K bitrate download. Is the MP3 sufficient for high end video production? Or should i buy the CD for the maximum quality? Thanks.

You should try and get the best quality you can so WAV or AIFF file is best so it’s uncompressed audio but the MP3 should do the trick just as well as they really are pretty good. The MP3 will actually work pretty well when kept in the high end format.

One thing to remember when you are using an MP3 file at a high bitrate then later compress it you will introduce more unwanted atrifacts into the audio so it will start to sound worse the further compressed it gets. If you start with the WAV file you get a much better result at the end because it’s working from an uncompressed original (lossless format).

There are some really neat tricks you can do with quicktime pro (and probably other programs) that I’ve heard of that gives you superb sounding audio whilst keeping a really fast streaming video (for online usage). I think you need to compress the audio seperately (starting with a WAV or AIFF file) using the AAC format then interleave the video and audio file together at the end so they are basically compressed at different rates. I’ve heard the results of this and it is really stunning!

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