ok, after reading the othe


ok, after reading the other threads, (sorry about overlooking the search option) I have come to this thinking:

Since the industry and artists alike have not come up with a better option to promote commerce, I will just use the copyrighted versions. I figure if I edit them into my own work, the client owns the cd, I own the cd, they play it at the wedding (how do DJ’s get to do THAT then???), then I’m going to use them too. Hell, a lot of these artists will record a song and slap it on their album for the purpose of selling more CD’s because they included "the next great wedding song" or the "perfect graduation song." It seems cliche when you find a track like that on an album that an artist does where that song sticks out like a sore thumb. Especially when they have been married forever or something. They make enough money as it is working about 6 months out of the year and then collecting money doing nothing the rest of it. (not that artists aren’t performing, touring, etc.) but c’mon, I know people that work MUCH MUCH harder and longer and won’t make what they do in their life times!! Besides, isn’t it more exposure to more people who may otherwise not appreciate their music or listen to that genre until they hear it over a wonderful wedding video?!? I figure that this would probably work fine: you put it in the wedding, you know it’s on there, the client knows it’s on there. That’s it. Just don’t go filming a wedding for someone that is involved with the RIAA. If they (the RIAA) client asks for you to do it, wouldn’t that be some weird form of entrapment? Between me and a small town client that wants a top 40 song in their wedding, what are we really hurting here? And who is going to know? – – – well, I DID just post that on the web – – – – – – but seriously, this seems to be a huge problem (us not being able to use highly sought after music) which has no real harm. I understood the whole Napster thing, but SERIOUSLY, I’d like to see the artist that comes after normal Joe’s like us for tryin to make a living. Their sales would probably be affected in a negative way for persuing a small town wedding video guy. As for super huge, world wide companies, well that MAY be another story. They have the funds. So I agree, until something better is worked out in the music industry, it’s open season. I do this as side work and do not own a company, so WHAT ARE YOU GONNA GET IF YOU SUE ME??? NOTHING!!!

**** oh and a really special note: I WAS contacted by the lawyers of a very very top selling artist for having a 20 second clip of one of his songs on the opening of my old website, but again, what would they get from a broke @ ss kid in litigation??? It was just to scare me to make us take it off. Which we did. Haven’t heard anything since. That artist’s company should really be ashamed. There are BIGGER FISH to TRY to fry!

To sum it up, I will just use the music in the video and NOT on a website. For highlight purposes, use the programs everyone else is suggesting when you place your work/portfolio on your website. That is just my opinion-not legal advice. If they want to spend the time and money to come after me to get nothing, then well, at least I got THAT out of it.

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