Oh, you have to go with a


Oh, you have to go with a sony A1U. It shoots both SD as well as HDV, so whatever format you are looking for it will cover your bases. This camera is very small, but with remarkably good image stabilization. The camera uses a CMOS chip, which creates amazing outdoor pictures. I have owned a GL2, and looking at the outdoor stuff from the A1U there is no comparison, in SD or HDV modes. I shoot with a sony FX1 because of the demand I have for good pictures in lower lighting situations, which the A1U is not as good at. But the A1U does, in my opinion a better job outdoors even than the FX1 and Z1U I have used. Best of all, you can get a sony $500 rebate from the A1U right now, which makes it right at $2000.00 Let me know what you decide to go with.


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