Oh Yeah, you’ll want a GL2


Oh Yeah, you’ll want a GL2 for sure, for sure – the 1 is too long in the tooth and there are some serious improvements engineering-wise between the two. Now, don’t ask me to get technical on you about the differences, you’d be better off researching that by going to Google and looking up Canon GL1 specs, Canon GL2 specs.

There are good buys and safe purchases via eBay, but the risk is certainly greather IMHO, and apparently Rob’s. Back when I purchased a GL1, before moving up to the GL2 as a third camera to work with my XL1 Canons, I bought it used from a fellow video producer who offered it on the boards at one or more of the various video forums. Still can be tricky, and the trust has to move both directions, but sometimes there are people out there who are above and beyond acceptable integrity levels.

I would NOT hesitate to scrape up the additional $400 to get the GL2 over the GL1, and $1,200 is a GREAT price for a used 2.

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