OH! Don’t get me wrong…


OH! Don’t get me wrong… asking about a camera or maybe comparing two cameras is fine. It’s just that lately I’ve noticed that there are a lot of people asking about cameras and which one to buy and so fourth and I was observing as you were that no one was responding. I felt bad so I guess I thought I would just throw this out there to let people know who weren’t getting answers that the most likley reason was that it was hard to come up with a perfect fit. In other words I didn’t want everyone (especially the new people) to think that we were jerks for not answering and didn’t care.

For the most part it is easier if a poster just asks opnions about one camera or maybe even the differece between two. That usually means that they have done their homework and they are out looking for that last little tidbit of info that will solve their issue of choice. It’s the people that list 5 or more cameras or worse yet, the ones that just come out and ask, "which camera should I buy?" that are the tough ones to deal with.

On that note I did see your post regarding possible wedding cameras. I do this on the side too. I have (2) GL2’s and a lessor expensive Sony. Here’s my take on what I did. This is pretty much fact too. My GL2’s give me a great picture and have all of the features I need for weddings and other events. I got these cameras because I do more outdoor projects and I needed a better optical zoom range, which these GL2’s have. Unfortunatly there is a trade off. They are not very good in low light. I’m usually OK and boarderline at the most before I have to bust out the lights so I can record what I’m seeing. I guess if you are really interested in weddings, IMO I would go with the Sony VX2100 hands down. It’s a great value for what you get. If this camera had a 20X zoom I would own 3 of them right now. Don’t get me wrong however for the GL2 will match the Sony in all cases except for low light situations.


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