Oh, cool. An easy NLE to


Oh, cool. An easy NLE to learn is Sony Vegas. You have a timeline, and everything is drag-and-drop. You can get the pro version starting at $399, or a home version for around $100. Basically, you can put the video from one angle on one video track in the timeline, and then the video from the other angle on a seperate video track in the same place on the timeline.  Then you can zoom out on the first video track so that the video from that track is only taking up part of the space of the screen, and then do the same on the other video track.  From there, you have 2 seperate videos, both zoomed out so that they are each only taking up part of the screen.  You can then position them, so that perhaps one video will be in the upper left corner of the screen, and the other is in the bottom right, or something like that.


As far as slow motion, the EX-ZR1000 does not record at a very hight frame rate.  It only records at 30 frames per second (FPS), which is not very good for slow motion.  If you record at 30 FPS and then slow it down, it will not be very smooth.  For smooth video in any case, you want at least 24 FPS.  That was why I was recommending the Sony HXR-NX30u or similar.  It will record at 60 FPS, which you can play at 40% speed, and still have 24 FPS.  Obviously, the higher the frame rate in which you can record, the better, but you start paying a lot more for camera's that record north of 60 FPS.

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