Of the i/o varieties you m


Of the i/o varieties you mention, firewire would be the best – quality wise. If you output via RCA pin plugs via consumer standard white, red (audio) yellow (video) outputs you will take a hit on quality. Not always THAT discernable, but a hit nonetheless.

Just be sure the deck you use allows for firewire input/output and you will be OK, more or less. Or, using a cheap camera that has firewire i/o is another route some take, and it certainly can work under most circumstances. There are instances where MinDV recorded from one camera will not play back well from another, but that can also be true for most of the decks as well.

Regarding business, if you are working full time at this and are willing to look outside weddings for business that is available virtually any and every day of the week, then yes there are plentiful opportunities out there for the independent professional video services provider. If you just want a sampling of the possibilities, go to my marketing blog at http://www.eccomeecgo.blogspot.com

A few here will vouch for the usefulness of the articles there. Also, while I do produce wedding video, I am of the personal opinion that pretty much any other available video production gig has the potential to pay you more, on a per hour basis, than virtually any wedding gig. I am a believer in the “work once, sell many” approach to video production business, rather than the work long and sell one (weddings) routine. Sadly, most brides are dealing with very real budgets and do not realize the true value of professional wedding video, nor can they afford to pay what it is worth – for the most part.

Good luck in your endeavors. Join other video production forums, read and learn, and post questions, and you will get a LOT of ideas as well as insight into the potential for a video production business.

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