Of course you will be usin


Of course you will be using Mpeg2, and you will definately want to render the video separately from your audio. Render the audio as AC3 stereo DVD audio. If you are going for best possible quality with DV footage the bitrate is what you need to look for. Choose the custom button to the right of template. Make sure video rendering quality is set to best. click video tab, move video quality slider up to best make sure variable bit rate is selected and make max at 8,500,000 and average 6,000,000 that should get you some pretty good mpeg2 dvd video. Don’t mess with the other stuff unless you really know what you are doing. Make sure thought that under the audio tab you unselect the include audio stream, like I said render audio seperately as ac3 or you could do aiff if you wanted, but ac3 will leave more of the dvd player’s bitrate free for the video, and you can get away with the highter 8,500,000 bitrate for video. Hope that helps.


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