Of course it is. There are so


Of course it is. There are so many additions from version to version that it's always a good idea to get to use the entry level product first. Many of the extras will only show themselves when you want to do more complex things. If you are heavily into MIDI equipment, then LE might be a little restrictive, but in general it's fine. Once you get to Elements, there's a useful comparison here.

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However – you need to do the upgrade checking from this list.



This should answer your version to version queries.


I'd miss the drum editor, and a few others – but only you can decide, and if you've never used Cubase, then you won't really know …… yet. I've even found a few features I didn't know my version 7 has – so they're not all everyday ones, and so much depends on what you use it for. Spend some time, give it a go, and then after a few months look at the list again, and see if any jump out at you saying – if only I'd been available?

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