Of course I need to do res


Of course I need to do research and take my particular requirements into account before making a decision. Reading Videomaker and this forum are part of that research. I’m not looking for a definitive answer in any one place. A mix of facts, recommendations and opinions are the input to the decision. I still contend that the face detection article doesn’t tell me any more than a press release from the manufacturer. I don’t need Videomaker for that and it’s not doing its job if it doesn’t offer more. The article’s author has the camera–I don’t. And I’m not going to buy it to research this particular feature.

As for lighting, there was another post on this forum from someone who stated clearly the kind of lighting needs he has (interviews) and that he has an entry-level budget. He got two kinds of responses. Someone posted a link to B&H lighting kit and said “that’s what I’m about to buy,”and listed a few pros and cons. Another person posted a long rant about how he needs to set aside a solid week (but months would be better) and study everything about lighting in extreme depth and then maybe he will be in a position to make a decision.

The OP would be foolish to rush out and buy the B&H kit based on that one opinion, but it is a least a specific starting point for more investigation and discussion. And even if he did just buy it, it’s probably not terrible and getting hands-on experience with something is better than endlessly reading about the subject. The suggestion that the OP do more research is useless. He is obviously already doing some research, which includes his post to the forum.

My point is that too many Videomaker articles are just as uninformative.

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