Oddly – this happened to me


Oddly – this happened to me this week. I discovered the original tapes from 1996 of a live band insert into a radio broadcast. I organised the live band’s contribution, but it was recorded in a college recording studio with large room, the radio station at the time operating from hired offices in the same building. Done in the evening, using some college students and staff to operate it. The band played for free, and the radio station lost their license and are now defunct.

Some of the old radio people, college people and the band members are on Facebook – so I mixed it and put it on Soundcloud. Rights? Who knows. Nobody at the college even knows me now. The band are split, the radio presenters dispersed. Loads of individual contributions, but I slapped the tape in the machine and recorded it with no permissions sought or asked for. The response on Facebook has been good, purely for nostalgia. As for the rights? No idea.

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