oceanblue Wrote:Thanks for


oceanblue Wrote:

Thanks for the advice DV. Do you think the MINI DV format will soon be overrun by these newer hard drives and whatever else is new. I have read forum posts talking about the MINI DV tapes jamming and running out all over the inside of the camera, is this a big concern? also you mentioned easier editing with the Mini DV, are the other formats more complicated to work on? and finally do I need to spend $1000.00 dollars on an adobe editing system, or will one of these lower priced software products do a pretty good job?

Anything mechanical is prone to having a fit. An eaten tape with recoverable footage is better than no footage at all.

In my experiences, hard drive based camcorders are not reliable for the professional world. I’ve been burned too times before giving up on it the third time. From that point I strictly use hard drive camcorder files (or the Firestore) for a backup of what is being shot on tape.

As far as editing, hard drive camcorders already compress the footage. AVCHD was really hard to edit until NLE’s started supporting it.

Doing a good job, in my opinion, depends on the editor not the software. You could have the least expensive editing software on the planet and still come out with a good production.

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